A woman starved to death after being trapped in an elevator for a month

A woman starved to death after being trapped in an elevator for a month:

Nothing more horrific than this from the weekend news bits..

A 43-year-old Chinese woman was found dead by an apartment building’s maintenance workers after she was trapped in an elevator for a month.

The incident took place in the northern city of Xi'an in China. According to local authorities, the woman was trapped after maintenance workers from Shaanxi Kaiwen Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Company shut off the power supply to service the malfunctioning elevator on Jan. 30.

However, the workers left for the extended Chinese New Year break and only returned to the gruesome find of the woman’s corpse on Mar. 1. Reports also said that the lift walls were covered in desperate scratch marks made by the woman.

The woman wasn’t even searched for in a month.. According to what is known she had a mental illness and didn’t associate with people, and lived alone…

Why do I think we will see a horror movie about this in a few months….?

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