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Australia's dark heart inspires horror movie boom

Australia's dark heart inspires horror movie boom :

The BBC reporting,

“Australia broadcasts this laid-back easiness but it is really a very conservative country,” says the British-born director. “Art takes off in those periods when you’re being stifled and oppressed. There is a sort of darkness that lurks [here] somewhere.”
In Sims-Dennett’s eyes Sydney is fast becoming a nanny state, suffocated by draconian lockout laws and surveillance, and he touches on these issues in Observance.
Premiering next month in Australia, industry bible The Hollywood Reporter has already dubbed the film a “chilling experience” that grips “viewers by the throat”.

I have heard amazing things about OBSERVANCE..

Last year’s amazing things were said about BABADOOK..

Before that, WOLF CREEK.
Before that.. FORTRESS–a 1985 movie about a teacher and children fighting for their lives as a maniacs in Santa and Easter bunny masks chase them..

Before all of that, CROCODILE DUNDEE. I kid.

The point being made by the BBC and me is how often good scary horror films come from the land down under.

Perhaps it indeed is the rough terrain or just independent movie makers with keen ideas on how to create scares that Hollywood can’t dream up… Either way keep it coming.



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