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Just a Saturday drive in Arizona–with a saucer shaped...

Just a Saturday drive in Arizona–with a saucer shaped mystery traveling aside of you!?

From a CBS affiliate in Arizona:

Folks driving on Arizona State Route 77 near Holbrook Friday morning got quite a surprise.

Charlene Yazzie just had to take a photo.

“I was driving north and the truck was headed south to the freeway,” she told our reporter. “It was escorted by three DPS vehicles”.

Her photo shows a large saucer-shaped object, draped in tarps, on the bed of a flatbed semi-hauler. She posted the photo on Facebook and the speculation began.

“UFO,” wrote one person. “ET came home,” commented another.

We contacted the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The Duty Office, which dispatches troopers all over the state, responded cleverly, “UnFOrtunately we do not know what that is but it looks interesting.”

The local media is having some pleasure and puns with the fun of this story.. but .. seriously people, what is in that photo traveling down Route 77?!

Calling Art Bell.



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