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WHAT IF ALL OF THE MUSIC STOPPED?With my son being sick this...


With my son being sick this week, there was one thing that seemed to most give him hope during the bleakest times: The top 40. Seriously.. for a child at 5, I am amazed with how adept he is with music and how quickly he learns to hear the words and learn them.. I credit my wife. While I can play piano by ear, her ears were in tune much more for life with the music.

That’s why the poignancy of this photo strikes me.. the ‘sound of silence’ cartoon.. you may have seen it before. It passes around a number of times when people of musical astuteness passes away.. 

But picture a world with no music. One where the notes fall from the pages of life and end tragically in a pile of nostalgic rubble? How depressing it would be.

It’s so simple to assume music will always be there to help and haunt us.. but the day music decides it’s done with humanity will be the saddest day of all.

I have a sense music won’t give up on us until we give up on it. Hope that never happens, though. The sound of silence is the only sound that keeps me awake at night.

Seriously.. did you ever stop and actually listen deeply to silence? It is one of the most frightening sounds that exists.



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