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The devil's selfie

A very long conversation has developed on Twitter, Facebook, and other 'social' media locations across the information superhighway.. What in the world is going on in this selfie!? A man, innocently taking a snap of him and his most likely lover.. both smiling for the cell camera to capture the perfect moment. And in the background, the strange development: We don't see the back of the woman's head but instead ... her smiling at us in the reflection..

The net has freaked out. As it so often does..

Even the UK EXPRESS (Love this tabloid) posted a full article about the selfie..

A few points to note:
We don't know who the people are.
The picture is most likely fake.
Photoshop is an amazing thing.
It was April Fool's Day yesterday.
And ... the picture is fake.

If there is more to the story I'd sure love to hear it.

And the creep factor is evident..
But also evident: Photo manipulation.

Fun of course..
Very fun.


Now .. if it's not fake and I am wrong? ..
Well then.. I'd never take a selfie again.




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