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The Rhoden family massacre: Intrigue over marijuana grow operation

A “major marijuana grow site with suspected ties to a Mexican drug cartel” was discovered in Pike County Ohio four years ago, according to a 2012 press release from the attorney general’s office.
 Authorities have made no connections between this grow site and the “operations” found on the Rhoden property.
 The way the Rhodens were killed shows it was a pre planned and well coordinated hit..
 The entire family being murdered with the exception of two young children illustrated no remorse from the killer or killers..
 Small town America is often quaint and quiet. But also, across America, a perfect place for secrets behind closed doors..
 Secrets kept.
 And so far law enforcement has been keeping them as well.
 This crime has shocked America. And he hunt continues to find suspects who may have perpetrated the horror..



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