Wading into the night without Heather

Confusion and consternation abounds after last night’s MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT was a rerun.. No previews from Art Bell on his Facebook page like he’s been doing for days. Nothing from Heather Wade.. just the sounds of a repeat. The crowd at Bellgab is polarized as usual … some say Wade could not compete with … Read moreWading into the night without Heather


WHEN VIRAL GOES GOOD!! IF you didn’t see  Candace Payne, a Dallas mother of two, laugh hysterically while wearing a Chewbacca mask, you should. It should almost be mandatory on a gloomy day. She wasn’t anyone famous.. but literally minutes after posting herself in a car wearing a brand new Chewy mask, her Facebook exploded. It … Read moreVIRAL GONE RIGHT!