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Terrifying Apocalyptic Message Interrupts Orange County California TV Broadcast

Terrifying Apocalyptic Message Interrupts Orange County California TV Broadcast:

If you were watching HGTV in Orange County on Thursday morning, you may have been treated to a terrifying surprise.

As the channel switched to an emergency broadcast screen, an extremely loud, badly transmitted voice came over the speakers.

“Realize this, extremely violent times will come,” the voice said.

“It almost sounded like Hitler talking,” Stacy Laflamme told The OC Register. “It sounded like a radio broadcast coming through the television.”

TV viewers on both Cox Communications and Spectrum received the alert. According to the broadcasting companies, no one was sure why. They believe that some sort of radio emergency test tone was sent, which was picked up by the television stations. Instead of ending after a tone as usual, whichever station sent the alert did not send the ending code, and another radio transmission was picked up and continued to air.

With how intense the world has been lately–earthquakes, fires, fears, and hurricanes–this must have come at the completely wrong moment. 

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