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Doesn't it seem during a time like this the best thing we could have is one last open lines.. hosted by Art Bell.. and the ability for us all to sit around the radio camp fire and tell tales long into the long.. Long into the darkness until the sun rises again. 
Yes.. that would be nice. . . 

Inquiring minds would love to know.. did Art go to the light, or avoid the big bug zapper in the sky!!

Heather Wade: I am in painful shock at the loss of my mentor in talk radio and my friend, Art Bell, today
Lionel: A hero. One of the most interesting talents in a cavalcade of boring.
Ian Punnett: He was always good to me
Whitley Streiber: He passed away peacefully in his sleep


X X X 

Art Bell dead on Friday the 13th

Bell died at his Pahrump, Nev., home, Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly announced in a Facebook post to the community. She described him as a “longtime resident” of the area and said an autopsy to confirm the cause of death would be performed later this week..

Washington POST: The mysterious narrator of the night is dead..

Reporting from USA TODAY..

BEST OF: The Area 51 caller..
As it happened: George Noory announcing the death of Art..
Best of: The Ghost to Ghost binge..



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