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The ring of honor gets a crowd

Wrestling fans read with great interest yesterday an article appearing in DeadSpin about Ring of Honor Wresting. Dave Meltzer didn’t think that the company would ever get an event with more than 10,000 people. 

That changes now.. September 1, the Sears Centre in Chicago will have more than 10,000 fans for a pay per view event.

Ring of Honor wrestling now is the first professional wrestling organization besides the WWE to draw this many people since the WCW in 1999–almost twenty years of Vince McMahan total dominance!

Ring of Honor Wrestling boasts Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, and Rey Mysterio as its biggest draws.

In March 2017, there were rampant rumors that McMahan was interested in absorbing ROH into the WWE with a takeover. To date no further events have transpired to make that appear to be in the works. Of course with the latest bit of info on popularity the WWE may re-evaluate their next course of action.

Meanwhile McMahan has seemingly been more interested in other sports like the creation (again) of a football league. His wife is busy working for the Trump Administration...

And all of this makes me completely and totally miss those magical Monday nights of the late 90s when WWE had opposition on TNT with WCW.  Flipping back and forth ferociously to see what insults each company was hurling at the other, what stars would end of making appearances... It was a great time to be a fan.

Now... Sinclair owns ROH. Not a company that even or a sultry summer Monday would find me wanting to give ratings.



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