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Bill Murray asked about Weinstein.. and appears to not be fully aware of the situation?

He was being interviewed by the GUARDIAN.. Murray's words about Harvey Weinstein appear to be a bit uninformed?

Murray was asked to respond to a comment the disgraced former mogul made in 2014: “Being a Murray-ite is a religion, where you can behave as badly as you want to people, and they still love you. I used to feel guilty about behaving badly, and then I met Bill, and it feels so much better.”

“Well, I think Harvey was saying something funny, and you can take something someone said a few years ago out of context, but I think that’s a funny thing he said,” Murray says, seemingly unbothered, before pivoting to the wider context.

“Are you asking for a comment about Harvey Weinstein? I mean, I don’t know exactly what he’s being accused of yet, but I know some of the people involved in that situation, one very sweet person, and it hurts to hear her speak about it,” he adds. “Really, it hurts…I feel the pain about it, and the pain is not over.”

To remind Bill Murray, Weinstein is being accused of sexual misconduct -- and rape .. 80 women since last autumn have come forward.

Brian De Palma is planning a Harvey Weinstein horror movie.

Perhaps we have a potential cast member.

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