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There are lost precious moments of box office glory for DISNEY’s SOLO.. 

All hopes for a ravishing and ravaging box office summer are being pinned on UNIVERSAL’S and J.A. Bayona’s JURASSIC WORLD FALLEN KINDGOM..

According to experts who opine in box office numerology, the film may bring in betwee $140 and $150million during its opening North American stint ... 

Universal has opted for a staggered release pattern overseas, starting on June 6 in Belgium, France, Germany, Indonesia, Korea, and the Philippines. June 7 will see launches additional territories, including in Croatia, Greece, Hong Kong, Russia, Spain, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Expansion continues on June 8 in the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Austria, and Bulgaria. China and Egypt will open on June 15. Along with the U.S., June 22 will see openings in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela.

So often recently ,the North American box office matters much less than the global markets.  This time, with the staggered effect, each market will matter as much as the other..

Perhaps a dinosaur will roar in your JUNE plans. Universal hopes so. 



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