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Halloween forty years later: The night the trailer came home

The official HALLOWEEN 40 trailer revealed..

Reaction across the net has been strong and supportive.. While there were initial reports that the movie had to be re shot and re-screened to ensure viewer support (especially people angry at the end) this initial finished product trailer appears to capture the spirit of the original Halloween, along with the music and feel. There is one interesting part where people are asking if Michael Myers was Laurie Strode's brother, with one person answering that it was just a rumor and not true.

The mask in the film appears extremely similar to HALLOWEEN 2's version..

It will be interesting to see the way John Carpenter takes this script and re imagines the original storyline of the babysitter killers he made famous in 1978--40 years ago this year.

Will the magic of Michael Myers continue with this generation? Or. . . has too much time passed for the iconic HALLOWEEN slasher to remain frightening?

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