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The perfect drink of the future Saturday night out will be made by robots

Collaborative robots such as this one are getting cheaper and easier to program.

Everything is a science.. from how much ingredients go into baked goods or meals to how much liquor goes into the perfect evening cocktail. . . So much science that people, with human error, can mess things up on a grand scale.

Enter the robot revolution.

The future of manufacturing has come and gone, with robots replacing so many people. Restaurants and bars are next.

So much for the fight for Fifteen when the fight of the future may just be for a job in itself..

From the WALL STREET JOURNAL, a good story on the coming robot revolution: They will offer drinks, dinner, and a massage. 

When restaurateur Patrick Beijk opened Mofongo’s Distillery & Cocktail Bar in the Dutch city of Groningen in 2013, he went looking for a machine that could scale the space’s jewel-colored wall of spirit bottles. The robot he bought to do the job saves time and draws in curious customers, he said. When Mr. Beijk opened a wine bar last year, he bought a two-armed cobot programmed to extract wine from bottles without removing the cork. In Singapore, AiTreat—a startup at Nanyang Technological University—has created robots that can give Chinese medical massages, which focus on acupressure points. The massage robots, which are warmed to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to mimic human hands, are being tested at the offices of chiropractors and therapists. Now Hiring: Robot Babysitters Robots need managers too. Meet one robot specialist who gets paid to look after several robot security guards that roam offices in the San Francisco Bay Area. Photo/Video: Emily Prapuolenis/The Wall Street Journal Both Mr. Beijk’s and AiTreat’s cobots were made in part by Universal Robots, which sold its first cobot in 2008. Last year, the company sold 8,600 units. Universal Robots President Juergen von Hollen said the Danish firm has spurred wider adoption of cobots by using open-source coding that allows developers to tailor the company’s machines to their own specifications.



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