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Nick Castle in the staying power of his performance in the original HALLOWEEN

There was a great interview that appeared in COLLIDER..

Among the best part was Michael Myers himself, Nick Castle, trying to explain the staying power of his performance in the original John Carpenter film and the staying power of the movie itself:

Someone’s like, “How did you walk across… when you were chasing Jamie, and you turned at the banister, and you cross your leg, and what is that?” And I said, “I have no idea what you’re talking [about].” So I have to go back. I went back and took a look at it. And I was happy to see it again, ’cause I can see why it has lasting power. It just kind of all worked. The characters were well-drawn. And John just did a fantastic job, very simple but straightforward, but in a very artistic way.

So yeah, it was fun to go back, and to revisit it. And I didn’t know this. In the performance, I guess just the angular… I was 145 pounds, man. And the way my face was, I had kinda stretched, I think, the mask a little bit. So it does have its own character. And in fact, someone told me there’s a… in the world of fandom, there’s a thing called the “Castle Stretch”, or something like that, which indicates that’s the captain instead of the other guys in the other sequels. It’s a fun thing, I know, for fans to do. And it’s more fun for me, as well.



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