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WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23 2019 news roundup

Nancy Pelosi tells Trump there will be no state of the union speech until the government has reopened.. Trump said he is coming anyway! A showdown on LIVE TV set.. the epic battle of ratings. . . for the ages..

VACCINATION POLICE ARE COMING NEAR PORTLAND! A quickly escalating measles outbreak around Portland, Oregon, has led health officials in nearby Clark County, Washington, to declare a public health emergency as they warn that people infected with the highly contagious virus since the beginning of the year have visited schools and churches, a dentist's office, an Amazon locker pickup station, a Costco, and an Ikea...

Massive booms heard in three Kentucky counties.. .. In a Facebook post, Jackson County 911 said "No it's not a 'conspiracy' and no we are not hiding anything."..

NASA wants to knock an asteroid out or orbit by 2022.. The asteroid in question, informally known as Didymoon, is a moon asteroid about 150 meters tall. It's part of a double asteroid system — named after the Greek word for twins, Didymos — in which it orbits another 800-meter asteroid about a kilometer away...

Late shift, long after it was battled: Jay Leno opens up about David Letterman and Conan O'Brien.. MORE: "We don't hate each other," Leno said of Letterman. "The media makes a big thing about it. I am a huge fan." ..



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