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The search is on for "lost" HALLOWEEN 5 footage

Halloween 5 was abyssmal .. it was one of the most atrocious Halloween movies.. horror movies.. movies.. ever made..

But in the era of nostalgia, there is an apparent hunt now taking place for LOST FOOTAGE of the fifth installment of the film..


Halloween 5 isn’t a particularly beloved entry in the series, featuring nonsensical story beats like Jamie’s psychic connection to Michael and a mysterious Man In Black who appears throughout the story. It’s also laden with bad dialogue and annoying teenage characters, but it has some charm as a low-budget slasher movie too. A fair amount was trimmed from Halloween 5prior to release, but now the HalloweenMovies Twitter account has revealed they’re actively searching through the original footage for these missing scenes.
The most famous Halloween 5 deleted scene was the original opening, which took place in the immediate aftermath of the fourth movie. Michael escapes from pursuing cops and his unconscious body was originally found by a devil worshipper named Dr. Death. He takes Michael back to his place, tattoos the cult of Thorn tattoo on his wrist and resurrects him the next year with a spell. Michael isn’t particularly grateful though and gruesomely kills him upon awakening. Other missing footage includes deleted gore, such as Michael wiping out an entire S.W.A.T team and Jamie being stabbed in the leg. There are also reports Michael’s burned face was seen during his brief unmasking.

Yes indeed.. Lost footage. Maybe better lost..? No?

Even the trailer was awful..



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