FIRST FALL WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Audience growing weary of politics

THE HOUSE WITH CLOCKS ON THE WALLS is winning the first weekend of autumn at the box office.. But others movies are faring poorly  .. maybe the reason for the season is turning away from politics, especially. Michael Moore’s TRUMP doc FAHRENHEIT 11/9 is doing the worst of all new releases.. From DEADLINE: The news … Read moreFIRST FALL WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Audience growing weary of politics

BIDEN DUMP ON 9/11! FBI releases first 9/11 document

THIS IS DEVELOPING.. CNN REPORTING: The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Saturday released the first of what is expected to be several documents related to its investigation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and suspected Saudi government support for the hijackers, following an executive order by President Joe Biden.The newly declassified document, which is from 2016, … Read moreBIDEN DUMP ON 9/11! FBI releases first 9/11 document

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NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR SAYS ISIS THREAT IN KABUL IS REAL..Pentagon order commercial airliners to provide planes for Afghan civilians..Biden approval sinks below 50% after Afghanistan debacle..Strange leak: NY POST claims to have letter from Bin Laden in 2010 warning that Biden would lead US into “crisis” ONE PER DIED OF COVID EVERY SEVEN SECONDS IN FLORIDA … Read moretest main page

More reporting on mysterious Havana syndrome

This reporting from DNYUZ: President Biden’s top aides were told on Friday that experts studying the mysterious illnesses affecting scores of diplomats, spies and their family members were still struggling to find evidence to back up the leading theory, that microwave attacks are being launched by Russian agents. The report came in an unusual, classified … Read moreMore reporting on mysterious Havana syndrome


ABC news is among sources reporting tonight about some troubling information regarding the Delta Variant.. Anne Flaherty andArielle Mitropoulos have this information: A week after the crowds descended upon Provincetown, Massachusetts, to celebrate the Fourth of July — the holiday President Joe Biden hoped would mark the nation’s liberation from COVID-19 — the manager of the … Read moreCAPE COD OUTBREAK INTRIGUE!