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Buildings leveled..


An amazing video from the NEW YORK TIMES showcasing the history of NEW YORK CITY in the elevator of 1 World Trade Center.. And yes, the World Trade Center towers destroyed in 2001 are making a haunting appearance..  And amazing in a historical perspective ..

California drought pictures as of April 2015 showcasing just how dire the situation has become.. Dry may not even be the accurate word to describe this..

Philadelphia preparing for the POPE..

Interesting history.. One of the more vivid stories of the Washington Monument is the theft of the Pope’s Stone in 1854, apparently by members of the anti-Catholic, anti-Papist Know-Nothing Party.  In my learned (somewhat) view of history, I never knew about this piece of America.. The Pope’s stone: Stolen by those who didn’t like Catholics in the 1800s..

The drones … A mysterious unmanned craft hovering around a man’s home taking snapshots in Texas.. The police are unable to do anything about it..  this is a prime reason why someone needs to introduce legislation that people on Megan’s Law be disallowed to purchase drones privately..


FULL HOUSE is returning.. 
 but the OLSEN TWINS may not?

Dead dogs discovered on Pennsylvania hillside..

Madonna praises Margaret Thatcher. Until social media erupts in protest..
 Now MADGE has deleted her posting about the Iron Lady..

Welcome to 2015: And “Mobilegeddon” ..

Rosesanne Barr suffering from eye disease that will leave her blind..

Scientists warn: Too many vitamins can give you cancer..

Keep on eatin’ in the free world.. Neil Young protests with anti-GMO album!

JAMES WAN, Roy Lee to produce remake of 1980s’ THE ENTITY..


White House condemns ISIS video showing brutal killing of Ethiopian Christians..
FBI seeking the help of INFOWARS!
FBI holds special meeting.. DHS not invited..

The drought gets meaner in California.. now wells are going dry as water tables plunge.. More than 1000 wells have failed..

Scientists now warn that too many vitamins can give you cancer!

Ethan Czahor creates APP to scrub your social media embarrassments..  You may remember him as the techie who was fired from the Jeb Bush campaign for offensive tweets..

Raging thunderstorms hit central Pennsylvania..

Economic anxieties.. signs point to problems in the coming days..

STATE Department to hold an ethics class for journalists (!?)

Earthquake near Iranian nuke plant..

Dog killings in Iran spark global outrage..

Running for God: The faithful and marathons mix..

A view of a giant crater discovered in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.(RIA Novosti/Press-servis governor Yamal-Nene)
Mystery crater opens in Siberia.. The hole is unnerving the locals..
UT.. the scientists studying it are running low on cash!

View image on Twitter
Man ‘cooking himself’ to fight cancer..

There is promise! There is hope.. more to explore but maybe a breakthrough: Immune system drugs MELT tumors in a new study..

Toys are making a comeback!! HASBRO profits soar..

ELMO joins with the government to get children vaccinated..

The sleazy

Score another victory for the FOOD BABE.. KRAFT to get rid of artificial dyes in its MAC N CHEESE..

Bobby Brown says his daughter is awake..

Mark Hamill was ‘suspicious’ of JJ Abrams’ directing of the new STAR WARS film.. Expanding on that: Hamill said he didn’t trust Abrams and was worried he was leaking information about the upcoming movie..  And on a related STAR WARS note, JJ Abrams revealed the plot of the newest film: The Jedis are near extinction but a new death star is seen in the sky.. 

Dare I say, this is actually much better.. the new BATMAN VS SUPERMAN trailer recut using Adam West and Christopher Reeves. SEE THE VIDEO HERE..

Ben Affleck controversy: Did he try to cover up slave owning family members in his ancestry? 

The color of light influences the body’s internal clock..

EX Air Force intelligence officer claims that UFOs confront soldiers during war..

Paul Hellyer at 91 still going strong: Says that a number of alien species now live among humans..

Mysterious UFO sightings in California town leave people puzzled..  For the entire month of April now, people have been seeing lights above Bakersfield California..

BUSINESS INSIDER review: UNFRIENDED may sound dumb but is actually brilliant..

Video footage of Peggy (pictured) has been wreaking havoc on a string of paranormal enthusiasts around the world – reportedly causing one British woman to suffer a heart attack
Paranormal investigators claim that a haunted doll is Jewish and was a victim of the Holocaust.. 
  there is a video of the doll and there are also claims that it has caused a number of paranormal observers to suffer migraines.. and even one suffered a  heart attack!

Insider information on why WONDER WOMAN’S director suddenly left..
 The bottom line, according to the sources speaking to VARIETY: MacLaren envisioned the DC Comics-based “Wonder Woman” movie as an epic origin tale in the vein of “Braveheart,” whereas Warner wanted a more character-driven story that was less heavy on action..  A prior report in TIME magazine said that the sudden change in direction meant that WARNER BROS was listening..

To celebrate 420, Miley Cyrus tokes up wearing only pasties.. She’s still just being Miley. But did she have ARMPIT hair?

Joss Whedon on female super heroes .. and Hillary in 16.. 


A lot of not so good anniversaries around this date.. Columbine in 99.. Alfred P Murrah in 95 when BLUES TRAVELER was on the top of the charts.. Waco earlier when Janet Reno was on the top of her game.. Going back in time, Hitler.. So many awful things that occur when April’s flowers are blooming..  I never liked this month much since childhood. And really hated this date as well..

ISIS video shows killing of Ethiopian Christians.. 

BUZZFEED getting attention for all the wrong reasons.. new information: Liam Stack in the NEW YORK TIMES reporting: “An internal review by BuzzFeed last week found three instances when editors deleted posts after an advertiser or employees from the company’s business side complained about their content, according to a memo sent to staff members on Saturday by the news and entertainment website’s editor in chief” .. MORE..

All timing.. Four massive explosions take place across the United States on Friday afternoon.. All involving gas in some way or the other..

Hundreds of migrants dead in Mediterranean Sea after boat capsizes..AS many as 700 people could have lost their lives.. Pope Francis was among those following the situation.. Italy s the number 1 location for illegal immigrants to the European Union..

The government may make pot legal–to allow MONSANTO to make GMO pot!

John Hinkley’s life of rejection and indifference in new home..

Very odd and strong surface quake in FIJI..

Effects of Fukushima radiation are becoming more evident and serious..

Beijing shocks the US as its parades its Airstrip in the China Sea..

So who exactly is attacking DR OZ?

Actor Jonathon Crombie dies of brain hemorrhage at 48..


IMF warns regulators to brace for global liquidity shock..

EBOLA patient being treated at NIH facility in critical condition..

British government accused of not helping soldiers mental health..

ISIS advances: Claims bombing near US Consulate in Iraq.. Four people were killed and 18 were injured ..

Gunfights erupt on Mexican border with the United States.. Security forces arrest leader of drug gang..

Massive gas line hit: Contractor was using a front loader and ruptured a California gas line causing huge flame and injuring 11.. Call before you dig!!

Michelle Bachmann goes there: She says the second coming is near..

NASA gets high resolution photos of planet CERES..
 So can someone explain what those mysterious balls of light emitting from the planet could be? According to some, DAWN should provide a better look over the next two weeks of what those bright spots are..

Republicans want to scrap NASA’s asteroid plan.

Intense magnetism discovered near super massive black hole..

George Lucas does not know the plot of the new STAR WARS movie.. He gave the blessing but DISNEY is going its own way..  He does hope they take it in a new direction..

MEASLES eradicated again!! The outbreak that started at Disneyland is now over, according to health officials.  Even with all those anti-vaxxers not changing their minds.

WEEKEND BOX: UNFRIENDED is lagging in third place.. MALL COP2 is actually second.. FURIOUS 7 will stay first.. DEVELOPING..

Reviews for PAUL BLART MALL COP 2 have been awful.. One review noted that theaters are in silence, laughter free, during the new movie.. It must be painful.



Bloomberg screens go dark WORLDWIDE!! The outage happened Friday, leaving traders without access to the market data, news, and dealing systems.. Bloomberg is publicly commenting that the outage seems to be an ‘internal’ problem.. others are still speculating that a cyber attack struck..

White House will top its fence with SPIKES to address jumpers.. The spikes, described as “pencil protrusions,” are seen as “anti-climb” measures.. A sharp pencil awaits the violators..

UPDATE: Wikileaks posts a SEARCHABLE database of hacked SONY files.. Sony is, obviously, not very happy. WIKILEAKS’ Assange says that the documents are in the public realm due to the international issue that developed with THE INTERVIEW in December.. Sadly no one at SONY has discussed the HORROR REPORT. But the documents certainly show how cozy things can get between entertainment and politics..

OKLAHOMA CITY bombing .. 20 years later.  Video of a very young Bill Clinton addressing the bombing in OKC.. 

Walmart strange activity.. and mystery booms around the nation. Connection? Look to 2010 headlines for potential answers..

Tumblr rolls out day ads in another attempt for Yahoo! to profit from the Karp system..

Teacher’s “#Iwishmyteacherknew” campaign going viral..  And that is why I am cautious about it..

Trailer for THE GALLOWS released. It’s coming out this summer. And honestly, this movie looks awful.

Megan Fox continues stirring up rumors about TRANSFORMERS return..

Hans Solo appearance revs up fans of STAR WARS..

Airline launching R2D2 plane!

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER review of Mall Cop 2 shows why they should have just stuck to the 2009 version..

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN trailer leaks online.. After seeing the trailer, I am not buying that it was leaked. I think it was floated purposely by the studio. I was expecting a lot more..





The TSA unleashed.. an agent tells all about the real stories from behind the scenes at the most famous groping agency..

UK police are now working to find signs of pedophiles in society.. Such as key signs in clothing and tattoos.. 

Radio is dead! FM goes dark in 2017 in Norway! Digital Audio Broadcasting is coming..

Masses FLEE as ISIS nears Baghdad in Anbar Province.. “I grabbed my children and ran” …CNN describes the misery this way: “An endless stream of humanity, shell shocked, and exhausted. Parents cradle babies in blankets, some struggle under the weight of their belongings, some carry small plastic bags, while others nothing but the children clutching at their hands” ..  No one deserves to exist in a hell on earth. Humanity often sickens me with its atrocities committed without concern and malice without morals.. 

View image on Twitter
MEANWHILE.. ISIS is celebrating its victories in Anbar..

How ISIS created a terrorist art market..

Saudia/Iran rivalry deepens over YEMEN..

MH370 search area to be increased..

Enraged CHIMP takes down a surveillance drone!!

SLATE reports: Creationists are praying that we NEVER find alien life..  Because the Earth, they would say, is God’s chosen planet.. what if another life form storms us–one with higher intelligence? And one that, perhaps, does not believe in God? There are a lots of societal norms  to be rocked and religious consequences to be had if this ever occurs.

vaderDARTH VADER’s mask and Luke Skywalker’s voice appear in new STAR WARS trailer.. The only thought I have: If the best they have is celebrating a movie from the 1970s, this is not a movie this generation needs.. Unless of course this film simply is transitioning to the next realm of star wars entertainment..  One review of the STAR WARS trailer: “Literally sobbing at my computer”

JARED LETO shares an image of himself as the JOKER .. 

Kids ditched cigs in 2014. But loved them some E-CIGS..

The SCARIEST modern movie? 28 DAYS LATER? Moviepilot also applauds the horrific rape scene from THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake.. I don’t.. I am not a typical person who approves of censorship, but sometimes I approve of self-censorship.. And that scene ruined the movie completely for me.. Sorry for the prudish comment..

Screengrab via NBC DFW
LADY ANTELBELLUM tour bus bursts into flames..

Laverne Cox in 'Allure'
Laverne Cox poses nude to inspire transgender women..

WIKILEAKS SPEAKS!! Publishes thousands of documents in relation to SONY hack from 2014..  The release announcing the document release specifically cites Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton’s involvement with military and intelligence think tank the Rand Corporation, and the company’s overtures to stars like George Clooney and Kevin Spacey in order to come to their events… the 30,287 documents are only going to start getting analyzed with undoubtedly a lot more press to come..

APRIL 15 2015

Cunning cowards and chaotic crises. The world at large is as bizarre and frightening as always.. The HORROR REPORT hasn’t curated much news as of late with some personal duties that needed tending to, but here’s a snapshot of some things that matter and many that probably don’t from sea to sea and beyond..

Why not start the news update with perhaps the most dangerous for humanity: An astronomer is claiming that an asteroid the size of the Statue of Liberty is on a collision course with the planet earth.. Dr Judit Györgyey-Ries, astronomer at the University of Texas’ McDonald Observatory, believes the giant rock could create a huge impact when it reaches earth in around October 2017..

The scary real news doesn’t stop with asteroids lurking beyond the planet’s ozone..REUTERS has an exclusive story running about how the NY branch of the FED, worried about ‘natural’ calamity, is adding staff to its satellite office in Chicago..  I can’t help but think  a bit about the story we, and many others, reported last night: WALMARTs around the nation–5 of them–all shutting down suddenly because of ‘plumbing problems.’    Customers are skeptical of that claim.  SO are workers. So am I..  And while I am not alleging any connection between the WALMART plumbing claim and the NY FED movements to Chicago, I am stating for the record: Everything seems to be a creepy hair trigger away from disaster as of late.. moments in which we seem to think that our safety is fleeting and chaos is knocking on our safe front doors..

More fear and loathing in Vegas. And everywhere else.. Scientists at the European Science Foundation are warning every person on earth that a volcanic eruption could destroy humanity.. that we will be back to a time when we existed during pre-civilization days.. and that the human race will be devastated by the natural occurrences..

More news from the information superhighway about the highway to hell..
Large scale WMD drills hosted throughout Iowa…
Realistic Military Training in California, Arizona…
Marine unit drills at sports park…
Pentagon drafting thousands of ‘cyber forces’ in prep for cyber emergency 

With evil and darkness looming, religious people seemingly are gearing up for battle, too. Take for instance these headlines: Most British dioceses now have an exorcist at the ready..  From the city of Rome: A high profile exorcist is claiming that ISIS is Satan.  Father Gabriele Amorth says that the Holy Spirit exists. And now is in a spiritual battle with the true evil, ISIS.  The UK TELEGRAPH says that the Pope Francis effect is the reason that the exorcism boom has occurred. Perhaps it goes deeper.. perhaps it can be chalked up to the fact that people are truly feeling that the earth has been suddenly shrouded in spiritual darkness.

With all of the negativity, it may be hard to believe there is hope that someone,someone alive today as a matter of fact, may be the first person on Earth to live until 1000. Can you imagine living to 1000? Would you want to? Most people I asked today said no. . . until I mentioned that it could be  a healthy life and that their family may also be able to live as well.. Suddenly their answers shifted towards the affirmative. And they accepted the new possibilities of a long life..

Let me quickly talk about a few things that really don’t matter. But they are most likely things being talked about by talking heads on talk shows that have endless talk.. Things like this: Hillary Clinton faked a photo op .. made a staged Iowa event look like a real campaign stop.  People who lived through the 90s shouldn’t see this as any amazing feat. Just another day in Clintonland. Speaking of Hill’s hill of beans, BUZZFEED is splashing headlines on its site about how, according to their reporting, Hillary Clinton flat out lied about having immigrant grandparents..  But as life goes, every normal event–politics and scandal–has some weird and often paranormal aspect to it. Such as this: Hillary Clinton’s father’s tombstone has been topped..  I fear whoever may have performed of vandalism doesn’t realize that, just plain out, you don’t mess with the dead.. unless someone didn’t do it..

And now the rest of the story….

NETFLIX released information today showing that they are doing well. More subscribers.. more profit.. But a deeper look into the numbers may reveal a bit of a different fact.. Content costs are skyrocketing, and some analysts say that the financial picture at NETFLIX continues to falter..   Rosy Scenario? Or Blight and Plight..?

Things going downhill since the roast: Justin Bieber was put into a chokehold and thrown out of an event with DRAKE..

From movies to music.. now FURIOUS 7 soundtrack is Billboard number 1..

WONDER WOMAN has a new director..

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK gets another NETFLIX season..

GUITAR HERO coming back!

A poster from the Rand Paul for President campaign.

Rand Paul in: Running for President.. But will he find the enthusiasm his father did? Will he be able to balance libertarian ideals with a conservative primary voting bloc? Will he be able to move to the moderate center if he wins? Will he remain popular with independents and topple Hillary? The WASHINGTON POST is among the media sources to observe already a bit of a shift in rhetoric while he courts conservatives.. But didn’t Dick Morris prove that  is what you’re supposed to do before you move back to the center of politics?  The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports that he is quietly (very quietly) courting WALL STREET while attempting to keep the libertarian philosophy But don’t you need money, as the billion dollar races of 2008 and 2012 prove?.. So many possibilities. But for now, the doctor is is.. But will he see clearly?

Forensics team begins unearthing mass graves in Tikrit at the hands of ISIS killers..

The lying game: Instead of admitting that he may have told too tall a tale about his chopper experience in Iraq, Brian Williams took an alternate course of action: He wondered if he had a brain tumor.. VANITY FAIR has an elaborate report about the civil war for the soul of NBC NEWS.. Among the revelations reported by Brian Burrough: An NBC insider spilled the beans on what life was like at NBC NEWS during the feeding frenzy of media attention over Williams’ ability to misstate many things.. VANITY FAIR says that insider said that Williams said (feel like a grade school recess yard yet) he wondered if he had a brain rumor.. the insider claimed Williams was unable to use the word ‘lie’ to describe his behavior..  Again, the ‘insider’: “He didn’t want to leave New York,” a onetime NBC exec told the magazine. “Getting him to war zones was real tough . . . but when he did go, he came back with these great stories that kind of put himself at the center of things.”

Man commits suicide after losing buffet for life privileges in Vegas..
 The world is busy laughing at this man’s plight, as it’s one of those headlines that you can easily disconnect from and pretend that his existence didn’t matter more than just for the main reason of having a ridiculous headline printed with his demise. But dig deeper. There appears to be a longer-standing issue of mental illness in this story, and not just an obese man who wanted food. There are multiple accounts of John Noble harassing women at the resort, suicide threats in 2013 after he was kicked out of the resort and after his mother died.. He also spent three days at the state psychiatric hospital..  Noble continued a social media assault on the resort..
I am not excusing any behavior.. I just the headline is deceptive. He didn’t commit suicide because he lost the privilege of all your can eat buffets.. but instead because of a longstanding issue of mental illness and most likely lots of missed chances for others to actually help him. But now Noble is dead. And in death, he has become a punchline even though what happened to him was far from funny..

Mathis family claims this statue shed tears over Easter weekend. (Contributed to KRIS)
Texas family claims that their Virgin Mary statue is weeping.. 
 MORE: Family is Mathis Texas said that Mary began crying this past Easter weekend.. they have claimed to local media officials that it is a miracle.. “”It’s crying like big tears you know down, big tears like down crying,” said Rodriguez. Rodriguez tells us she got the statue at a Walmart in Calallen, “I pray every day and every night.”” .. Family members told reports for KRISTV.COM that the statue also cried in 2010–but at that time it was blood.  Now, they claim, it’s just tears..

Pastor John Hagee faces renewed criticism over his blood moon end times claims..

Despite Pope Francis having a widespread appeal, the Catholic Church is facing a new generation of less membership and less money–at least less money coming in while lots goes out in lawsuit payments.. But there are some ingenuous ideas in the works to get attendance back to where the Church may want it: Liquor is quicker.. In France, the Catholic Church is permitting a bar room style of worship.. Bar Cana has been launched a means of having more people talk God over alcohol on a Saturday night as opposed to a long winded sermon on Sunday.. California CATHOLIC DAILY reporting that Bar Cana has been inspired by Francis, who told clergy to think outside the box when considering the future. The report has obviously divided the Catholics who have read it.. but it would make sense to some degree: Water and wine is plentiful at Bar Cana.. and perhaps a little tipsy Theology on Tap with more abundant and free-flowing theories..

In the past 50 years, Alaska’s average temperature has increased at a rite twice that of the Continental United States.. images from Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park, then and now, will be a stark reminder of the climate change occurring..   There are more than 100,000 glaciers in Alaksa, and 95 percent of them are thinning, stagnating or retreating. Muir Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park thinned more than 700 feet in the 23 years between 1980 and 2003..   People often will look at the weather of a given day and either promote or criticize the concept of climate change. But it’s incorrect to simply see today’s weather as any indicator of patterns.. This past winter was awfully cold and snowy for my neck of the woods. The entire East Coast simply remained frozen for months. But the rest of the world wasn’t that way.. One example of patterns instead of daily weather: California. The drought which is hurting the land and people there has been building for’s a product of a changing jet stream and alternating weather pattern.. A scary report on the drought was filed by New York TIMES reporters Justin Gillis and Matt Ritchel on April 5, indicating among many other things that beneath the California crops,  a deepening groundwater crisis in occurring..   Regardless of what you think, feel, or believe, there are major changes occurring in weather and climate patterns. Some will calling manmade warming.. others will call it cyclical in nature. It doesn’t really matter what political party you are, or what you dub these chances, because the fact is still the fact.. some have said the problems overblown.. But when you have glaciers becoming water and an entire state–a breadbasket for the world in some food and liquid categories–drying, you have a crisis that cuts across party lines. We need to mature to field the problem.. we need to think creatively about the future. And if we’re far too gone to reverse the course, then we sure as hell better have a backup plan and an exit plan as a last resort..

Image: I-85 crash scene
Two heavy metal bands involved in deadly crash in Northern Georgia..
  Three killed..

Allergy season is here. And it promises to be intense.  I love spring.. but I also miss winter once the sneezes and sore throats start–and snakes come out of their hiding nests..

There has been a number of conspiracy websites posting often inane and foolish tripe about CERN and how it could kill us all. Well, I take that back. I don’t really know if it’s foolish to say that CERN could create a black hole and swallow us up–some legitimate people have warned about the dangers of messing a bit too much with out reality and creating some INTERSTELLAR-lite existence. However, rational people will conclude that CERN’s purpose is not to kill us by design but instead uncover some of the most amazing things that we yet don’t know.. So if we don’t die from a terrible bone-chomping reality buster, we may be able to live to see something extraordinary that would confound our minds but yet change our world forever: Evidence of parallel universes..  KELLY DICKERSON with the BUSINESS INSIDER reports on the many possibilities that exist with CERN and what could find, how it could shape future psychics, and what it may mean if we suddenly find ourselves in the plot of a SCI FI movie..
And quite frankly, even if that black hole comes around and takes our reality away, wouldn’t it be amazing to be swallowed up knowing that the alternate us may be surviving just fine on a fancy Caribbean island?

ISIS beheads and crucifies four mean accused of stealing in Iraq..

Fukushima radiation detected off of Canada’s coast.. MORE: Trace amounts of Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 detected in samples collected off the coast of Ucluelet, a small town on Vancouver Island in British Columbia…

The world warned: Prepare for more Ebola like outbreaks..

A Monsanto ‘discredit Bureau’ does actually exist.. the goal is to work to discredit any scientists who questions the safety of GMO food or Monsanto products–including the butterfly butcher Roundup..

‘Kimmy Schmidt’ doctor committed suicide by hanging
The cause of death of the dermatologist to the stars: Hanging..
 The BARON OF BOTOX death is being blamed, in part, on the Martin Short character mocking him on Tina Fey’s NETFLIX show UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT..

Don McLean reveals the real meaning behind AMERICAN PIE lyrics.. Sort of.

'I may be CONCHED out lol!' Over Easter weekend, the longtime Cover Girl tried 'to save a bird' and sustained a black eye, which required an emergency trip to Miami for a CAT scan and stitches
Christie Brinkley goes to the hospital after weird incident when she was trying to save a bird..




UNPRECEDENTED SELFIE TWEET FEST DURING OBAMA IRAN ADDRESS.. Lots of Iranians found a message in the speech that perhaps was not intentionally implied.. immediately after Tehran said that the White House was lying about the deal..

Michael Keaton’s first SNL in over 20 years..

Car from JEEPERS CREEPERS now up for auction on eBay.. One way to tell you’re aging: The cars from movies you still think are sort of new but aren’t are up for auction on ebay..

The drought in California is going to have a major national impact..There will be restrictions there, but I also think a massive exodus from the state. And when you contemplate just how much food and water for the United States comes from California, this is troubling indeed..

Kenya Administration policemen stand in front of Garissa University College in Garissa, April 4, 2015.
Al-Shabab PROMISES another bloodbath in Kenya..
 This promise came before the body parts were cleaned and the blood was dry at the University that saw the mayhem and murder. Almost 150 were dead, many more injured.. Christians were targeted .. the terrorists, in this situation, seemed to have struck a mighty blow against the fabric of Kenya and the safety of the nation.. Another article: Somalia’s Shabab promises to turn Kenyan cities red with blood..

Yemen fighting
The friend of my enemy is my friend’s enemy’s friend who is my enemy.  Confusion over YEMEN. Whose side is anyone on?
 In the Mid East, it’s a constant chess match that normally turns into checkers when one player decides to blow things up .. In the matter of Yemen, we are fighting alongside of people who are fighting in other nations.. We are friendly there with people we are not other places. We are simply setting ourselves up for failure.. This experiment of constant war needs to end.

Saudi airstrikes in Yemen causing civilian casualties.. 

Chelsea Manning
I am not buying this….. at all. “Chelsea Manning” joins Twitter from prison..  Tweets are not permitted by prisoners unless they have specific approval.. Bradley now Chelsea Manning must have received this special attention.  So in prison for exposing national security secrets? And now suddenly being given the ability to tweet to the masses from prison? Even though the UK GUARDIAN says that Mizz Manning on not permitted NET access? This does not make sense in my tin-foil protected mind. Sorry.

While you’re feasting on your Easter ham, CERN will be firing up to slam particles into each other and perhaps discover the next best thing in psychics. Or destroy the world by accident. Or on purpose. Either way, CERN is going to be restarting this weekend after a brief delay.  CERN wasn’t able to continue after a shortage in a fuse–right around the time the Germanwings flight crashed, causing some conspiracy theorists to be afraid..

Monsanto profits fall 15% on weak dollar. Of course nothing to do with the WHO saying its products may cause cancer.

The upcoming Gene Simmons WWE horror flicks: “Elevated.” Not in the good sense. Instead, cheap slasher gore because that’s easiest. I regretfully must say I am tuning out any future updates regarding these movies.. there’s no point to them, admittedly except to make money with cheap nonsense, therefore there’s no reason to further the film or advance their agenda..  They can have their repugnant and insulting premise.  Instead, as always, we will seek out meaningful horror and things that matter. Not Gene Simmons and the WWE horror movie series..

Justin Bieber Homages Ozzy Osbourne's 'Crazy Train' In 'Lip Sync Battle' Sneak Peek
Justin Beiber scored some points in the humor arena this weekend.. his ROAST was a hit on Comedy Central, though I thought it missed the mark (him) .. And hebecame a sensation online for his impression of Ozzy singing CRAZY TRAIN on the Lip Sync Battle..  But quite honestly, he didn’t look at all like Ozzy.. instead he has a stunning resemblance to Monica Lewinsky. Really. Look close.

The return of the MUPPETS! ABC is planning a new variety show//

JONI MITCHELL remains hospitalized ..

PRICE IS WRONG: RIGHT model keeps her job despite the fact she gave away a cart by accident..
 But it made for great TV, unscripted moments catch on.. And this may be the first time the PRICE IS RIGHT is getting this much attention since Bob Barker left. No doubt they kept her, and they can use this mistake to their benefit. What you see on TV is never real.. Perhaps even those… unscripted moments. Food for thought.

Is America addicted to images that take away our freedom?

'It Follows': Inside Analysis Of The Indie Horror Film
How IT FOLLOWS was turned into a cult sensation..
 But is it deserving..? 95% approval on ROTTEN TOMATOES would say yes..  Other disenchanted readers across Internetland are starting to speak up and say no..

Best new streaming horror flicks on NETFLIX.. the QUIET ONES is my pick from the list presented..

"Batman v Superman" Trailer With "Max"?
BATMAN VS SUPERMAN trailer may make its debut with MAD MAX..

Human penises are actually large. Here’s why.

Really, really really bad aim: A science teacher makes world headlines after, in a project in class, tried to hit a cinderblock on a man’s chest with an ax. He missed and hit the man’s penis with the ax instead… 

The entertainment world continues to watch the movies of the famed Nikki Finke.. She posted an update on her site only a few days back that she has made a decision on her future plans and ‘big changes’ are coming.. What those changes are, however, are not being revealed.. instead she went on to boast about her surging Twitter follower numbers.. We have been following her site since the legal battle began with DEADLINE.. Quite frankly, I miss Nikki Finke and she needs to do something. Soon.. MORE HERE:

Speaking of missing, ART BELL still has yet to announce something he said would have come last week: News of a contract and what MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT may look like and where the show will be housed.. Instead, he has complained on BELLGAB that the process for getting a contact has taken time. He has even issued some dire warnings that he may not get everything he wants in the contract–and that could effect his return. All eyes and ears are still on BELLGAB awaiting whatever news may come..


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