MONDAY DECEMBER 31 2012; THE FINAL DAY OF THE YEAR Hard to believe it’s here. 2013 already.. Celebrations are about to begin. Some parts of the world will be next year before others.. Enjoy it … have fun. Toast a year that was, and sing Auld Lang Syne to a new one.. Be careful out … Read more

SUNDAY DECEMBER 30 2012 The Piers Morgan nonsense continues. .he said that he would leave America if gun laws don’t change. I don’t think England wants him back. Fiscal cliff negotiations continue.. Is the fiscal cliff a diversion? Paul Craig Roberts thinks so.. US Navy Seal Commander, Who Killed Osama Bin Laden, Commits ‘Apparent Suicide’ … Read more

FRIDAY DECEMBER 21 2012 THE END OF TIME. NOT SO MUCH. The end is the end is the beginning. Sure some schools closed fearing the end of time rumors, and yes a prowl took place in NYC of people seeking last minute sex.. But what happened? Winter arrived across the globe, the current calender switched … Read more

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 5 2012 An update from the Louisiana sinkhole: The company responsible for it has been fined $100,000.. Enormous death toll from Typhoon Bopha in the Philippines.. Drought intense: Now farmers are actually fighting off a theft in hay. The Mississippi has been drying up due to the drought.. Accuweather now writes ‘from waterworld … Read more

All the trouble in the world: Korean Peninsula edition

Planes diverted to avoid North Korean rocket launch And there is more.. Voters in South Korea have largely ignored the North’s threat of a rocket launch by voting in parliamentary elections.. And as far as the threat from new leader Kim in the North, what is the real truth on the rocket launch possibility? Experts seem to … Read moreAll the trouble in the world: Korean Peninsula edition

No rattle, no hum.. this appears to be a noise altogether different

We know the earth is groaning, or appears to be doing so.. and parts of the globe have a constant hum. But the noises rattling the town of Clintonville, Wisconsin, appear to be very different–and so important that even CNN is paying attention to what is going on.. There is shaking, explosions, and other unexplained … Read moreNo rattle, no hum.. this appears to be a noise altogether different