And it was all yellow

The website has been updated. That’s right.. the website which has been ‘coming back’ for over a week now started with a question mark.. Then came the white exclamation point.And now.. for some reason it has been changed to a yellow punctuation mark. Is Keith Rowland just having fun at the expense of so … Read moreAnd it was all yellow

The fracking Madrid

For years, we have heard stories of not so ancient times.. when a massive earthquake occurred in the Central part of the United States–and that it was so big it actually caused church bells to ring in the far off Northeast ..That was in 1811, on December 16. A 7.7 quake struck Arkansas and was … Read moreThe fracking Madrid

WEDNESDAY MARCH 6 2013 Hugo Chavez dead.. The world stage is chaotic yet again: Venenzula’s Chavez dead, and what it means for the planet.. Holder says a drone strike on a US citizen on American soil could happen.. Second sinkhole opens in Florida.. Second sinkhole unnerves Florida town.. And now this: Fear at another house … Read more