No other words to describe this article appearing in the NEW YORK DAILY News besides ‘high strangeness’ ..  Friends say that Richard Simmons, the exercising maven of the 20th century, has vanished into himself.. into his mind.. into his home. Madness has taken over. He has cut off contact with close associates and some haven’t seen … Read moreTHE TWISTED TALE OF RICHARD SIMMONS

Phubbed the wrong way

‘Phubbing’ is ruining American relationships »   According to a survey of more than 400 individuals by Baylor University, 46.3% of respondents said their partners snubbed them by taking to their phones, or “phubbed” them. And 22.6% said it “caused issues” in their relationship. I never heard this term until today. I’ve been phubbed before … Read morePhubbed the wrong way

PLAYBOY with less play

Big news from the magazine today..  The print editions of PLAYBOY is no longer going to feature nude models.. Instead fully clothed..  Old is new. Wonder if the print copies will surge? Perhaps more than meets the eye will sell better than all that the eye can see ..