Sudden strange shifts in reality

Ever have one?That kind of reality shift that really causes your head to spin.. almost get dizzy.. While I often talk about the Mandela Effect this time I am not. Instead I am exploring those real moments–on this timeline–where you see something for what it is.. So evident in front of you that your brain … Read moreSudden strange shifts in reality

If you don’t follow Caleb Wilde, you should..

  …but proceed with caution. He’s a funeral director who is very honest, brutally so, about his profession.. I read this article today titled ‘when embalming is beautiful’ .. It’s not an easy read, but an important one. In essence, Wilde talks about the death process—post death really—and how he hates embalming children. What results … Read moreIf you don’t follow Caleb Wilde, you should..