The clatter and chatter last week was all about critics vs moviegoers.. The critics said SUICIDE SQUAD was awful.. terrible! Abominable.. Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes weren’t better. Even some reports had moviegoers feeling frustrated with what was perceived as a 2 hour barrage of movie trailers within a movie. All that doesn’t matter now as … Read moreCRITICS BE DAMNED! SUICIDE SQUAD A HIT!

Why does SUICIDE SQUAD feel so wrong?

The trailers aren’t good.. The previews don’t seem to help a thing.. Excitement should be building for SUICIDE SQUAD, released this week in more than 4,000 theaters, but instead the movie is being plagued by awful reviews and equally terrible word of mouth stories from screenings.. Perhaps one reason why: Dave Canfield from SLATE discovered  this: According … Read moreWhy does SUICIDE SQUAD feel so wrong?

JARED LETO as the Joker fully revealed.. These are photos from the TORONTO set of the SUICIDE SQUAD filming.  While the NET may have gone crazy when David Ayer revealed the cast of the SUICIDE SQUAD–minus LETO–it’s the JOKER attire that most have long awaited. And now the these photos may wet the appetite of … Read more