A kind of hush throughout the nation

I went to the mall tonight with my son only to find a very crowded but very quiet shopping plaza..

Nobody was talking, just kind of blankly staring at each other as they passed by each other.

Christmas music was playing in the background and people were trying to get their last-minute holiday shopping done before the season runs out of time. But there was something strange about the crowd.

As I mentioned it was purely quiet, again the only sound that was heard was the jingle of the bells from the loudspeaker above..

It is like a shroud of sadness was hanging over all the people there.
The events of the day in my mind that made this happen. Perhaps some were looking for escape routes in the mall just in case anything else would have flared up, or maybe we are just looking at each other in a days look thinking ‘How could someone do that to so many young children’

My son is very young, younger than the kindergarten age. But at this point does age really matter?

Anyone that dies in a senseless act of violence is one too many dead.. But when young children who are filled with innocence and love are taken away from this planet by a maniac wielding to high-powered guns, that is beyond senseless..

So the mall was quiet tonight, that I know. But what were we all thinking? Perhaps too many thoughts to even write about..

I cannot help but think about how this is now permanently changed Christmas for at least 28 families, a town, a state, a nation, and the national psyche..

No matter how cliched the term has become: we will never be the same again.

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