Anonymous gets involved in Steubenville, OH, rape case; releases video of high school football stars bragging about brutal rape of girl

The kids aren’t alright..
A disturbing story out of Ohio..

In Steubenville, OH, the football team is tops..

And most people are counting down days until the next season.

So when teenagers were accused of brutally raping a girl and urinating on her, it shocked the town.

Now even more shocking: The group Anonymous is invovled, even to the point where they are releasing videos of students joking about how brutal the rape was..

The hacked video was released by the group.. it shows teens laughing about the crime, and even commenting that the girl must have been dead because she wasn’t moving during the raping..

Many are now asking ‘why’ as the rape shocks the small city in Ohio..

The part of the story that may shock the city the most: The heralded football team is bragging in the video about the rape.. a part of the quote from the video: 

She is so raped,” he says. “Her puss is about as dry as the sun right now.” She’s “deader than a door nail,” and “deader than OJ’s wife”

We will continue to follow this story..