Sick of the flu?

I am confused.
On one hand I fear the flu, I fear sickness.. I don’t want to get it nor do I want my family to be hit with it. On the other hand, it’s the flu–something that happens each year and something that people often come down with. This year it seems to be particularly nasty.

Lots of reports, including this CBS report,  explain that tents are being set up outside of hospitals, masks are being worn, people are becoming very afraid. All of the flu.

It has been deadly.. And it has sickened a great number of people in 44 states.

The push is now on for flu shots.

But is this flu, the one hitting now, even going to be hampered by flu shots? Is the flu shot fighting the right strain??

Here is a small snippet from the CBS report:

About 60 miles south in Chadds Ford, the entire Coan family got the vaccine, but eight-year-old Alex came down with the flu anyway.
“You cough a lot,” he said, “kind of sneeze a little, lay in bed all day.”
His mother Christine said: “As a mom, I was very disappointed that he got the flu, because I had to fight him tooth and nail to get the flu shot.”

Yet again I ask myself.. and I ask you, and I ask any medical professional reading this.. DOES THE FLU SHOT EVEN FIGHT THIS STRAIN OF THE FLU!?

Are all of these stories we are seeing about the flu simply propaganda for big pharma? I just don’t know anymore. I thought I used to. But not anymore.


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