The Sunday evening hazy shade of winter

49ers? Ravens? Either way life goes on. Be safe and smart.

Is parody dead?

The White House releases the image of Obama with a gun… Republicans mock, some Democrats shocked. But the Administration put an official government warning on the photo: Do. Not. Photoshop. That warning hasn’t stopped freedom of speech from marching on. As a matter of fact an explosion or irrelevant and mocking hilarity has ensued on … Read moreIs parody dead?

NBC news reports: A former Navy SEAL who wrote “American Sniper,” a best-selling book about his lethal career as a marksman in Iraq, was shot to death with another man at a gun range near Stephenville, Texas, on Saturday.

Here’s a reason I can’t trust NASA about the February 15 asteroid

‘Flight Director Jon Harpold said to Hale and others at the meeting, “you know, there is nothing we can do about damage to the TPS (Thermal Protection System). If it has been damaged it’s probably better not to know. I think the crew would rather not know. Don’t you think it would be better for … Read moreHere’s a reason I can’t trust NASA about the February 15 asteroid

The close shave

February 15: An asteroid flies by earth just 17,000 miles away from the planet.. Are you comforted by this NASA statement?: ‘2012 DA14 will definitely not hit Earth. The orbit of the asteroid is known well enough to rule out an impact’ I’ll be honest. I’m not.