Art Bell chance of coming back high

I received a return call from a local station here in Pennsylvania that is aware of a potential Art Bell return, and they are watching as it develops.. The radio industry could certainly be shaken up if he does come back..

Meanwhile, an article at is igniting debate between fans of Bell.. The story details some of the crazed paranoia often associated with Art Bell. Some on CoastGab and The Facebook group PEOPLE WHO MISS ART BELL were offended. Even Art Bell himself weighed in on Facebook, saying that he had no problem with the article at all ..

The Coast of Art Bell was much different than the current day version of the show.. Noory’s dusty cue card questions seem to be used nightly.. John Wells on Saturday seems more like the Alex Jones show… Art Bell liked conspiracy but was thoughtful in those he’d relay to the masses…

Horror Report will keep you updated.. There are still two other calls into radio affiliates in my area I’m waiting for return calls on..