January 2014: The premiere of BROAD CITY on Comedy Central opening featured a screen shot of the HORROR REPORT was visible for a brief moment.

It occurs a few minutes into the episode IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD, where one of the main stars played by Iiana Glazer flips from her screen saver of Little Wayne to the HORRORREPORT.COM.

I was contacted that by the producers of BROAD CITY, and they asked permission to use the site. I did not hesitate.. I was honored. And now my waiting has come to fruition.

The coolest part of all?

Amy Poehler is the executive producer of BROAD CITY… does she read the horror happenings and paranormal reports from around the world on the HORROR REPORT?

As for the show itself, it was accepted by critics as refreshing and funny. A number of reviews praised the first episode for fresh humor and it is already being called a winner for Comedy Central.. It went on to be a long running popular program on Comedy Central.

So cheers to the first episode of BROAD CITY!

And thanks for the recognition. Hopefully Amy, if you’re reading, you’re enjoying the HORROR REPORT every day..