2020 was a mess. As was 2021..

Before we dive deep into the new predictions for 2022, it’s best to go back and see if we were a win or lose for what we said would happen in 2020 about this year..

…we will explore the predictions as stated 1 year ago now and compare and contrast in bold to what really was reality..

  1. The bright and shiny future of Joe Biden. While some may say he has a tumultuous first term, we are going out on a limb and saying his first year *and maybe term* will be uniquely successful. Joe Biden is not someone Americans can easily hate. People will rally around him in the spring and summer of 2021. While this is WAY out on a limb, the typical first term midterm blues Presidents face will not happen to him, as people will see him as successful as beating the coronavirus in the United States. LOSESo we know that the virus did subside for a bit. And then came back with a vengeance. As a matter of fact, Biden’s low approval ratings could be since there is a shortage of testing just in time for another surge.. it would appear the federal agencies were caught flatfooted despite weeks of warnings and officials monitoring the developments in South Africa. Adding to the first year troubles, Build Back Better failed due to non-President Manchin. Maybe it would work out better during round 2 in ’22 ???
  2. Lock downs and wasted time. COVID-19 will continue to assault our way of life throughout 2021.. And it will not be until 2022 when a semblance of normal returns.. WINYes, we got this right.. We knew things would not be good all year. We had a bad feeling not due to some paranormal knowing, but because we listened to the right sources. Stay with us, and you will do well. In ’22, we have the chance for endemic. It doesn’t go away, but it stays neutral.
  3. Democrats will continue winning.. this time in Georgia. They will gain the Senate seat and be on their way to a future majority. WIN. Democrats won both Senate runoffs and, with them, control of the U.S. Senate.. but 2022? stay tuned..
  4. Racial harmony may not be perfect, but this year will see a re imagining of race relations. It will be clear that for America to persist as a strong nation, people need to strongly commit to racial justice. That will occur.. eventually. And begin in 2021. MIXED. While some jury verdicts were mixed, we have not seen widespread racial tension erupting in 2021… let’s hope for progress in 2022..
  5. Major world figures will perish. Potentially and a Pope and A Queen. And BTS will join in with the Weekend to do the Super Bowl half time show.
    LOSE: The Pope and Queen are still alive. BTS has COVID as we type and also didn’t perform at the Super Bowl. WRONG.
  6. People who suffered from COVID-19 will begin to display strange symptoms that will seem bizarre, but are just signs that once you get the virus, you have it and its effects for the rest of your life. MIXED. There is not a LARGE number of people but a considerably high number of people suffering from long COVID. They still can’t taste, smell, and have other strange or often life threatening medical problems.
  7. Massive widespread hackings will occur and past hackings will become clear. Every single person’s identity in the world will effectively be seen as compromised. WIN: Ransom ware won in 2021.Colonial Pipeline. Health care facilities. Payroll companies. It wasn’t hackings as much as ransomings.. do you think your information is safe?
  8. The 2020 Olympics, postponed until 2021, will feature no live audience. Just TV.. China will overtake the UK in medals. Ratings will plummet… WIN. One at a time. US was fist.. CHINA overtook the UK 88 to 65. We win on that. Ratings? Ratings were the worst ever…
  9. Movie theaters are dead. . . AMC and Regal will have a difficult time regaining audiences and eventually will succumb to pressures…. The world has changed thanks to WONDER WOMAN 1984. MIXED. AMC survived so far. Theaters sure ALMOST died in 2021.. Until a movie named SPIDER-MAN was released. Will theaters survive? We will see..
  10. The vaccine, though filled with hope, will either be mostly ineffective or people will refuse taking it. Instead a painful herd immunity will occur… The death toll of COVID-19 will far outweigh the known 1918 virus, and will kill over 950,000 in the United States and 2.9 million people by the end of December 2021…. MIXED. Arguably, the vaccine prevented a lot of sickness and death. But as the year comes to a close, we are at 850,000… not too far off sadly from these shocking predictions made in 2020.

And now the moment that few even realized they were waiting for.. without further verbal ado, we present the top ten list of predictions for 2022… For better or worse or just in between…


The predictions for ’22.. sealed in the vault until the final week of December 2022 when we will unveil how we did, along with new predictions for 2023.

  1. The midterm elections are going to be disastrous for Democrats nationwide. While there may a few bright spots such as a Senate race or Governor’s race in Pennsylvania, the Senate will go solidly red and so will the House. Joe Biden’s presidency will suddenly feature a crucial test: Pull the Clinton 1990s strategy of triangulation or go the most progressive route. He will triangulate in 2023 before announcing he will not run for reelection—but we will save the rest of that prediction to December 2022.
  2. Gas prices will reach $4.10 a gallon on average by Memorial Day 2022.
  3. This is broad.. but it’s how we feel: There will be massive advancements of robotics in replacing human workforces in 2022. Even more than before. Along with that a huge increase in the use of crypto currency. The markets will become less of a place to make loads of cash, but more of a place to replace cash with new forms of online digital payments. Governments will hail this possibility as a way to regulate underground cash payments in economic sectors that are untaxed.
  4. COVID-19 will become endemic. It will not go away, but Omicron will pave the way for normalcy. There is going to be a massive surge of cases in the United States and globe in January through potentially March. Just as quick as the cases rise they will fall. Hospitalizations will never reach the capacity they did during Delta. As a result of the dramatic herd immunity, vaccine rates will fall and will cause a briefer but serious autumn surge. It will pave the way for an endemic virus that will become seasonal from this point on.
  5. Things don’t reopen again after 9 or 10pm. Through the COVID experience, understaffed businesses have ditched the late night model or 24/7 hours. At times that has been a hinderance. But it will continue. Staffing issues will continue through the year and changing economic times will place us back a few decades when it comes to the old “blue laws.”
  6. The economic changes in 2022 will be voluminous. Along with gas prices as predicted in number 2, we are going to have a stock market “correction” that at times will look like a tragedy. Inflation will be constant.. a large number of people will just cease looking for employment.
  7. Joe Biden will continue to push school loan payments off until after the November election. At that point due to the sea change of Republican victories, total school loan forgiveness will not occur and repayments will begin again around the end of December 2022 or the beginning of January 2023.
  8. Americans will replace privacy with security. Over the past year, we have shed our fears of technology.. at one time people who said that wellness chips would be inserted under the skin were conspiracy theorists. In 2022 those theorists are going to be proven to be accurate…
  9. It will be the hottest year on record. The months of June through September will be particularly cruel. the fall will be nonexistent. And by winter we will wonder if it will ever snow on Christmas again..
  10. Space: There will be something big. It could come in the form of an announcement about life on another planet, a distant moon, or ancient Martian life. It could also come in the form of an announcement of a foreboding space rock that NASA will need to try pushing out of the way of the planet…