So now …banks are saying to make runs on them?

The blizzard will be big but for FEMA and Bank of America to cause fear by telling people to make runs or cash now seems a little shortsighted.. no? Cash on hand is good. Food is good. Blankets are good. But issuing messages to cause panic? Not good..

Ohhhh rats

The New York Times reports something a little disconcerting: The fate of New York City’s legions of rats remained something of a mystery in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Rodent specialists predicted that many rats would drown in submerged subway tunnels, but also that survivors would feast on the buffet of garbage strewed in the … Read moreOhhhh rats

Obama and the drones

CNN reports: President Barack Obama agrees to turn over to Congress classified Justice Department legal advice seeking to justify the targeted killing of American citizens overseas, an administration official said.