MONDAY MARCH 25 2013 Passover pestilence: Locusts swarm into Israel.. Pope urges all religions to come together in common cause.. Religion has money men and bad actors.. but so does not believing in anything. According to this CNN report, Todd Stiefel is the money man behind atheism.. Vial of deadly virus does missing from Texas … Read more

Big disappointment for OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN.. It’s going to come in second place to THE CROODS at weekend box.. Sexed up SPRING BREAKERS will fall to 6th place .. Developing.. KIDS FLICK BEATS DISASTER.. DISASTER BEATS SEX..

SUNDAY MATCH 24 2013 THE SUNDAY MORNING SIDEWALK Lucky Sunday: A single ticket in New Jersey is the winner of the $338.3 million Power Ball jackpot.. Russian tycoon who was at odds with Putin found dead; friend suggests a hit took place.. “Monsanto Protection Act” sneaks through Congressional spending bill.. The “biotech rider” would require … Read more

Meteor journalism

Last night, the social media and internet world of fast reporters beat the major mainstreamers once again. The meteor that lit up the East Coast wasn’t mentioned on CNN, NBC, FOX, or others.. it wasn’t reported on the front pages of CNN’s website or other big media outlets.. Instead, Twitter and Tumblr lit up, along … Read moreMeteor journalism

The irony of timing and the meteor strike a day after a strange NASA comment

Now that the Internet world is alive and well with various reports of a meteor and also reports of a meteorite strike in at least two states along the border, one must look at the timing.. No panic necessary, it did not impact like it did Russia a few weeks ago, but ironically yesterday NASA … Read moreThe irony of timing and the meteor strike a day after a strange NASA comment