The HORROR REPORT has fallen

Last night, I wrote this about the film OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN:

It’s no surprise that an R-rated action film came in second to a family friendly flick.. but perhaps there is something deeper.. OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN is about war, a terrorist attack on D.C., and carnage.. maybe we are just having too much of that on real TV .. maybe we just will reject it this year at theaters.. Just maybe..

And reactions came quick.
Thanks to everyone from the emails … especially the person claiming to be from a studio who would sue me to defaming the film (first amendment anyone?), the angry reader who threatened torture (get a life), and the friend who wrote that perhaps I should stop reporting so much about box office numbers (I think you’re right)

2 thoughts on “The HORROR REPORT has fallen

  1. The premise is most repeated one in hollywood. A terrorist situation and an ex hero with a troubled incident / past returning as a saviour. Nothing new in the movie. Special effects are ok. Butler is wasted.

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