Case of the Mondays: News of importance from the natural world and beyond

Obama and Putin at the G8.. So many issues: Syria, weapons.. the Syrian ‘rebels’ who are devouring human flesh.. .. oh, and that newfound tension now that the GUARDIAN reported that past events may have been … screened.
CHINA is asking the UNITED STATES to explain internet surveillance.. Did you ever think you’d see that headline with the nations in the order that they are written?
Vlad denies stealing a Super Bowl ring (*but anyone who remembers seeing the video will clearly remember he did*)
When exorcisms go wrong? Police were called after a woman went into cardiac arrest during an exorcism .. according to the few reports that exist on this matter, the woman seems to be unnamed and the home’s occupants were the woman lived said that a demon had been biting people and breaking objects.. Police are not filing charges.. word now is that the unnamed woman is in stable condition..
For years, experts have wondered what would happen if a big quake and big tsunami hit the West Coast.. And now a new map is showing what could happen–as the map shows less high ground in the event of a big Oregon tsunami..
Now water fights are happening over fracking.. According to this AP STORY, fracking is putting renewed strains on already strained water supplies in the nation that have been hit by drought.. A vast area where much fracking occurs is also where the 2012 dust bowl happened..
Pope Francis blesses hundreds of Harley Davidsons.. The story reminded me of the scene from PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE when Pee Wee makes the almost life threatening mistake of knocking down rows of motorcycles, only leading him to put on the large shoes and dance on stage for the motorcycle gang.. In this instance, Francis has apparently accepted the bike culture at Vatican City.. Oh, and in Pee Wee’s movie, ‘Francis’ was the neighbor who wanted Pee Wee’s bike.. another weird connection, don’t you think?