Surveil this! Superman is Jesus. And 1984 is up 69% .. and a tornado in France? Read it all and weep. The Wednesday update


It has been a trying few days.. You can read about why if you want to more on my personal blog ..

Another big part of this story: How much exactly do contractors have access to? That may be the scariest question of all.. People are people–and Snowden chose to release classified info, but what if another contractor chose to target someone on purpose.. it appears nothing would stop him..
Incidentally, Ron Paul has appeared in media claiming he is worried that the Administration is going to drone attack Snowden if they find him..
You can Google your own name, but do you really want to know what is known about you? A new pop industry has developed helping you request your NSA or FBI file from the government! It’s called and it’s free of charge.. Ahhhh.. yes, the creativity of the net..

With the surveillance issue coming to light, don’t think for a second we know everything about this program. There is lots secret, lots hidden.. and lots should be. So what else don’t we know?

It’s beyond rare for this to happen in France, but it did: A tornado waterspout ripped through the South of France, shocking locals and tourists in the area.. There is video..

A beyond massive dust storm engulfs parts of Nevada .. people stranded on the Vegas tarmac.. vomiting.. nose bleeds.. one killed..

There is a big sinkhole in Missouri.. and it is being called “very dangerous” to the public.. Sinkholes have been a problem in this same area of Missouri since 2007..

No ice please! According to information being reported in the UK, ice in six out of ten restaurants has more bacteria than water from the toilets .. and it would make sense. Anyone who worked in a restaurant knows the perils of the ice machine–the mold, the mildew, and the bacteria.. Those machines must be cleaned. But interestingly enough, it’s not just McDonalds and Burger King that was found in the UK to have the issue, but also Starbucks too.. One comical suggestion from a reader: “Perhaps they should be making ice from toilet water”

Get ready for people to make constant comparisons between Superman and Jesus.. It seems that the new filmmakers of SUPERMAN actually are utilizing it to their benefit to market the film.. Will people worship SUPERMAN? Did the Bible actually mean the ‘second coming’ was going to be the sequel in a new SUPERMAN franchise?? And why isn’t SUPERMAN American! Oh.. that’s the Mormons.. I am confused..

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