The MAN OF STEEL for the men of the cloth

A few days ago on the HORROR REPORT, I wrote about how the new Superman movie is being marketed to the religious and faithful–which makes sense, after all family friendly and religious themed films do quite well at the box office.

I received one message from someone stating that Superman has historically been compared to Jesus and there was nothing new or different about the MAN OF STEEL concept..

I respecfully disagreed with that assertion. And now a CNN article posted this weekend backs up my contention that this movie, unlike many others, is directly being marketed to Christians .. 
CNN REPORTS that ministers were being given special screenings of the movie.. and perhaps the hope that they would praise Christ from the pulpit along with remind the flock of the benefits of going to see wholesome movies–especially when the hero is being portrayed quite like Christ. 

And after all.. Jesus Christ was an Inside Job.

Clearly the numbers for the movie have been swelling to epic proportions over the weekend. We know Friday night and Saturday night date nights went well for the MAN OF STEEL.

Father’s day Sunday may be strong–and maybe even a big bolster coming with mid-day post Church goers looking for deeper and hidden meanings in the MAN OF STEEL.. 



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