Grapes of wrath

Well, not the actual grape, but the life form that exists in the bag of them.
A few days ago, a friend showed me a video cell phone video from her daughter—it was a video of a spider crawling around in a bowel.  I was told: She went to a big grocery store and bought a bag of grapes. When she came home, she found a black widow lurking within her fruit.. When she returned the grapes, the store manager said that he heard other states had the same reports.
And now this..
There is a story online today about a woman who found a black widow spider in her grapes .. in Pennsylvania.  The story is NOT about my friend’s daughter—but the story if certainly similar.  
And her story is also the same as others from the nation, in which people in several states are reporting this sudden rash of venomous spiders..
I often wonder if stories like this are just another little urban legend, a blip on the rumor radar—intensified by the free wheeling internet. 
But I bring myself back to reality with this little fact: ANY black widow spider on grapes found could be potentially deadly.. 
Clean your grapes.
And watch for the spiders with hour glass red ..


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