Thursday tales of Sochi and exorcisms.. and Father Mike signed the Ammons deal away to Hollywood.. All in a day’s news


The winter Olympics, set for Sochi, are about to begin.. And with that comes polls from CNN of Americans expecting terror attacks.. violence.. Heartache and misery. Hopefully the world will come together and gold medals will be celebrated, national anthems will be played, and people will come and go in peace. But even if there is a peaceful games, the Olympics will not be without a share of weirdness..
Now that reporters are arriving in the city, they are tweeting and reporting some horrid conditions in hotels and polluted drinking water photos..
Rooms are missing things. Like light bulbs and shower curtains.
Water is yellow.
But condoms have been handed out.
Only the important things..
Also something about Sochi: Extreme poverty and horrid conditions. What troubles me is how so many are mocking the blight and plight in Sochi.. While it may be ‘beneath them’ it is a reality for the residents of Sochi…

Now onto the rest of the story..

No place for a gold medalist! Olympic visitors’ horror at hotels awash with stray dogs, brown water, bugs and no light bulbs

Sochi pillow raid! Residents forced to give them up for athletes..

Government warns of toothpaste bombs at Sochi..

Just when you thought Google Glass was scary, get ready for NAME TAG.. The app that will kill privacy and immediately allow others to identify everything about you ..

Castaway: After showing signs of improvement, Jose Salvador Alvarenga’s health has deteriorated…

Cops cuff firefighter for trying to protect crash victims..

Reports of a strange sleep epidemic in Brazil: The complaints relate symptoms such as weakness, malaise, fainting, partial memory loss, and in the worst cases, even hallucinations. All victims, simply, begin to feel an irresistible desire to sleep – and then, they just want to sleep.. This was the most bizarre quote from the report on the Brazil sleep disorders: “Hope Yakimova, residing in the village said: People are falling sleeping suddenly, anywhere. Sometimes, some of them, in the same moment, near one of other, standing or sitting. ” It sounds like a creepy scene from a Stephen King book.. I agree with the DISINFO report, this could be mass hysteria..

Tiny sponges of healing: XStat Device may be able to heal gunshot wounds in seconds.. So … I suppose that means makers of weapons and ammo will just build a deadlier bullet??

Have you heard that “free bleeding” is a new feminist trend sweeping the nation, with blood covered legs? Websites, including the Modern Woman Digest,have written about the ‘new trend’ that started because of feminist bloggers. It seems people have a lack of understanding of the Internets, especially the power of 4Chan.. The fake ‘trend’ started on the 4Chan board, and become “news” somehow in the past few days.. 4Channers have also created a whole bunch of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts portraying the notion of free bleeding.. SO how long before a talk show host mentions it? How long before it’s a top story on FOX NEWS? How long before 4Chan celebrates victory?

United Nations issues scathing report about the Vatican and Catholic Church.. The report accuses the Church of a systematic blackout concerning the molestation of children, claiming that tens of thousands of children have been raped by priests.. While the report should be judged on the merits, it’s worth noting in my little black book that the United Nations never had to answer for their own issues, including children being subjected to rape and prostitution by United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti and Liberia..

Another zombie attack in Florida, this time at Delray Beach.. I certainly hope Seinfeld’s parents weren’t injured. *(I kid, I kid) But in reality, police say that the man had superhuman strength, tried to eat faces, and appeared to be in a state of psychosis..

Bleak financial future for the United States: 40 million Americans are now having difficulties making ends meet..

Scientists are now worried of a pandemic after confirmed human death from new bird flu..
The black horse of pestilence: There is no way of knowing whether the new H10N8 will transfer more easily between humans..

Some now wondering if the biggest loser, Rachel Frederickson, lost too much weight

This ruling from a federal judge is a big deal that affects everyone: Federal judge rules drivers allowed to flash headlights to warn of speed traps… (And don’t tell me you never did it, although sometimes here in the woods and coal mines of Pennsylvania, you get flashed by others to warn you of a deer, or some sort of other animal or creature..) The ACLU is commending the court and a victory for motorists..

Now.. we should address flashing lights in cars as a gang initiation. That was true, wasn’t it?

Oddities: Lawsuit against NASA based off of Mars Rover photos.. Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D., pro se, filed the lawsuit against NASA last week.. The suit accuses NASA of hiding evidence of life on Mars..

William Shatner wants the NASA Mars rock investigated!

China’s military fleet now advancing faster than the United States’..

The Governor is going off the grid: Jesse Ventura is at an undisclosed location in Mexico, in order for drones to be unable to find him..He told CNBC: “I view the United States, today, much like East Berlin. And I’m off the grid. I’ve tried for 20 years to warn the country about the Democrats and Republicans, and nobody’s listening”

And just when you’re about to roll your eyes at Jesse Ventura, and anyone else who worries of a police state building in the United States, read this WASHINGTON POST article about scenes from a police state in Iowa.. And it’s from the WASHINGTON POST.. I will quote the first paragraph: “Watch this video, taken from a police raid in Des Moines, Iowa. Send it to some people. When critics (like me) warn about the dangers of police militarization, this is what we’re talking about. You’ll see the raid team, dressed in battle-dress uniforms, helmets and face-covering balaclava hoods take down the family’s door with a battering ram. You’ll see them storm the home with ballistics shields, guns at the ready. More troubling still, you’ll see not one but two officers attempt to prevent the family from having an independent record of the raid, one by destroying a surveillance camera, another by blocking another camera’s lens.”..

The North Star mystery: Astronomers baffled to find Polaris is getting BRIGHTER.. According to the researchers, it’s 2.5 times brighter than it was in 137CE..The team was led by Scott Engle of Villanova University in Pennsylvania..

Amazing: A robotic limb helps a man feel objects again..

Jay Leno set to leave TONIGHT show tonight..

$ $ $ $ $ $
This is when I begin to doubt a story.. The ‘exorcism’ tale offered by Latoya Ammons was frightening.. But then the house was purchased by Zak Bagans.. and now the priest, Michael Maginot, has signed a movie deal to bring the story to the big screen.. Maginot now has a contract with Evergreen Executive Chairman Tony DeRosa-Grund–if you saw the CONJURING you’ve seen his work.. Even more money: Maginot said he also signed a contract with Zak Bagans, host and executive producer of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel, to make a documentary.. At this point, Latoya has not gained a contract.. nor has the hospital staff or CPS workers who supposedly saw children walking up walls–staff and workers who have yet to come forward and speak publicly.. Maybe they are waiting for the right deal, too..?

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