There have been four fireballs seen in the Eastern United States in just the past 24 hours. 

The info:

This has not been the first rash of fireballs sightings. It seems like the pink stars have been falling for some time. Even I have seen a few over the past weeks, some that seemingly were only witnessed by me and a handful of others. Last week, there was one in Florida that was reportedly visible by parts of the entire state as it traveled the sky and left earth’s orbit.

Makes you wonder and ponder the chances that PLANET X is close.. or just way better reporting with the AMS’ website being the focal point for all observations. And they are good at what they do, tracking the fireballs lightning up and blazing through night skies across the nation..

But four major fireballs in one 24-hour period? Interesting.
Isn’t that how TRANSFORMERS started?

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