Bumper music continues to be sticking point in potential Art Bell return

From Bell’s own Facebook account tonight, the news is not yet conclusive as far as his return. He writes, in full:

Ok here is a update that I am afraid will not tell you much. We are in talks with a big player and the rub is the music, for me a must have, as is the live show aspect and the time slot 9PM-12AM P.T. for the show.

The only sticking point is the music and we should have that worked out by the end of the Week, or not. All I can tell you is we are going at this as hard as we can. If we pull it off it will have some commercial content but it will be a free live stream and be Worldwide, then I feel I will have kept my promise. Nobody wants me back on the air more then me.

You will all know the moment I do.


The return to the airwaves, or podcasting, has been thrown off the ‘midnight express’ tracks after the blunt fact of high costs for the use of music reared its head. While some people have offered advice, and even offered their own music for free to Bell for his show, he has refused. Instead he wants to use music from his personal collection for his own program, many songs most likely that were also used when he hosted Coast to Coast AM and DARK MATTER on Sirirus XM.

The newest news isn’t much, but it’s a message advising situational awareness for fans resolute in their hope that Bell returns this July..

This is an obvious developing story.. as usual, the HORROR REPORT will continue to go for the ride with everyone else.

Who could the big player be..?

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