This is how the ASSOCIATED PRESS dispatch reports it for the official record:

NASA launched four identical spacecraft Thursday on a billion-dollar mission to study the explosive give-and-take of the Earth and sun’s magnetic fields.
The unmanned Atlas rocket – and NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft – soared into a clear late-night sky, right on time. Within two hours, all four observatories were flying free.

A billion bucks to study, as the AP also reports, this:

Magnetic reconnection is what happens when magnetic fields like those around Earth and the sun come together, break apart, then come together again, releasing vast energy. This repeated process drives the aurora, as well as solar storms that can disrupt communications and power on Earth. Data from this two-year mission should help scientists better understand so-called space weather.

While I am not trying to induce mass hysteria or concoct some elaborate conspiracy, the timing is amazing—to some, most likely, even suspect.  CERN is back with a vengeance this weekend, as the large Hadron Collider is going to fire with DOUBLE the power as previously done.. With the restart, scientists are hoping to unravel the secrets of dark matter and the universe..  Clyde Lewis had a couple of shows and guests this past week that may raise eyebrows and speculative questions, including Anthony Patch, someone who clearly, not in the mainstream has been sounding an online alarm over the CERN restart..

Since CERN was just being planned, people feared it would create a gaping black hole or alternate reality for everyone living on earth.  Some even argue that it did just that, thinning the veil in a sense and giving us a whole new vibration..

And now with NASA satellites traveling to the sky to study magnetic reconnection, and some CERN magnetic happenings, all eyes are on the multiverse this weekend. Let’s see how things go..

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