For months, fans of Nikki Finke wondered what her next move would be.. her site,, sat lifeless after she roared originally, leaving and in turn meeting a legal struggle to do her work..

Cryptic messages were posted.Then nothing.

Now this: NIKKI FINKE IS RETURNING. But she is going to be writing fiction..

Ravi Somaiya in the NEW YORK TIMES expands on Finke’s announcement in the NEW YORK TIMES, reporting more of the background of how she ended up traveling down this new path..

The most despised woman in Hollywood is also the most read in the industry.., then NIKKIFINKE.COM, were both daily reads for insiders in the entertainment industry—and all of them dreaded a post about them. Now Finke will do something different on HOLLYWOOD DIMENTIA.. Finke wrote this,

My website will present short stories, novellas and novel excerpts written by Hollywood insiders like myself. After 30 years as a journalist, I’m now going to expose the hard truths and gritty reality of showbiz through creative writing. In fiction, I can be more honest than just sticking to facts. The stories which I and others write won’t depict any actual Hollywood person or event. But they will marry artifice with verisimilitude into original content creation

She also said she didn’t care of the site gets traffic. She also installed a small pay wall to the content..

Hollywood loved the free rag she dished on them. But will they pay some pocket change to hear fiction based on them?  We will see by the end of June when Finke’s DIMENTIA begins..



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