Tetrad -idatious over September offerings

This month is THE month for many.. the month of doom. The month of blood moons.. the month of Papal lunacy. The month of potential prophetic biblical fulfillment. Or maybe.. just September for others. 

Unless you’ve lived under a tin-foil covered rock, you have heard about the endless amounts of websites and blogs portraying September as the month life as we have known it ends. It is timed around the moment when the next full moon phase begins, when the Pope comes to the United States later in September, and when that giant asteroid or meteor strikes near Puerto Rico. The loudest of the loudest prophets have blazed through the NETS striking a chord in many who have taken up the same belief system. The cries of wolf have been so loud that even NASA has not once, not twice, but thrice had to comment and post actual web blogs on the official NASA government sites that the world was not ending, that the sky was not falling, and that life as we know it will go into October just the same as it always was.

But those denials seemingly have only strengthened the cause of the people believing the end times are nigh and high.
The next thing I saw shocked and fascinated me at the same time. A story appeared on CNN displaying the accounts of those who believe September is going to bring the end of the world. (http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/01/living/blood-moon-biblical-prophecy-feat/index.html)

CNN, I thought?! That is of course not to say that CNN is the bastion of the best journalism around, the heyday of CNN may be stuck somewhere in Peter Arnett’s head gear from the studio they pretended was a war zone in Gulf War I. Nonetheless, seeing the high strangeness on a mainstream news site is somewhat amazing.

CNN’s detailed account of those proclaiming the end of the world is hear explains that it all goes down on September 27 or 28—right as the Pope is leaving Philadelphia and the city can be free again. Most of this began when John Hagee, the bloated pastor of a flock somewhere out there, claimed that the blood moons coming were a sign sent by God.

There is another minister or two online who have seen, they say, signs and messages from God about the big asteroid on the way—an asteroid that NASA hasn’t seen, nor has been seen by the amateur astronomers. Those same amateurs are endless searching the skies for someone that NASA has not seen.

Of course surprises can happen. Just as the dinosaurs. Or the handful of people who live in the Ural Mountains. Or people in Chelyabinsk in 2013.

September is a quaint month. It’s the month of my birthday..

But it has also been a frequently disastrous and deadly month, with offerings like September 11 coming immediately to mind.

It is my hope—and overarching belief—that the prophets proclaiming they know something we don’t know just about as much as we do: Nothing. Even more, they harbor hope that the end times come simply to prove they are more right than others.. I think they are wrong.

Or maybe just hope they are.

Nonetheless, I have said this before and I will say it again: Wake me up when September ends.

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