Strange sounds in the living room

Tonight there was a brief snippet on some news station my wife was watching about the strange noises in the sky (or ground) in Oregon as of late. If you haven’t heard or have been under a sheltered rock, Oregon is not the first place where these noises have happened. But somehow, this Oregon screeching noise has caught on more than others..

While the news was playing the noises tonight, it caught the attention of my 5-year-old Ayden. He initially held his ears, cupping his hands on them to avoid the screeching sound.. as the news story continued, Ayden wanted to know more. After it was over–and no answer found–Ayden asked to hear the sound again. And again.. and again. He was fascinated by it. So we YouTubed some videos and found some, at least a few that weren’t frightening and didn’t portray the sound as an end of the world noise.

I was fascinated at his fascination. But I also think anyone who hears the noises and experiences them–as I did recently–are curious to their core about the source and reason they are sounding across the planet. Who wouldn’t be. 

Last night Clyde Lewis presented a good Ground Zero about these noises.

Tonight Linda Howe will be on Coast to Coast AM.

The world is starting to wake up to the sound of the static noise.. a noise that has an unclear source an apparently no explanation…as the trumpets sound.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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