The hazy shade of winter indeed… This has been a very…

The hazy shade of winter indeed…

This has been a very strange set of weeks. High temperatures in my backyard ranged from 15 to 80 –all in the span of just hours!! The unlikely story from the year: A lack of snow and a set of hazy, strange, and cloudy days.
The atmosphere was lonely.. it was was crude..

The limitless span of time can limit a mood.. limit a day..

This is the loneliest time of year. Even with the warmth that some have basked in for hours before cold waves, the gray skies coupled with he dead landscape have equaled soulless days and heartless landscapes..

But spring will abound.
March is set to come in like a lion–big tornadoes and storms will take shape within hours of me writing this post.. Millions will be affected.

The weather is beyond bizarre lately. Maybe it always was.. but the “averages” have become so out of the norm that it’s almost unmentionable on nightly local weather.

Spring will be here. And with it … blue skies.. sunny weather. And enough bad weather to ruin the mood…

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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