MORE: A Man called ‘Dan Cooper’ is leading the newest bit of charges of a cover up .. Cooper’s main contention is now a California man named Robert Rackstraw is DB himself! Rackstraw’s lawyer has previously dismissed the claims as ‘stupid’
Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Manhunt in small Pennsylvania town: Rookie cop killed..
Music mogul Russell Simmons was accused of sexual assault Sunday in a Los Angeles Times investigation. Not soon after, actor and former NFL player Terry Crews tweeted an email he had allegedly received from Simmons which downplayed Crews’ own allegation that he was groped by a Hollywood executive.. MORE!
Vatican investigating an alleged abuser who became a priest.. MORE.. The reports said that despite complaints to superiors against the teenager, he was accepted into what is known as a major seminary when he became an adult. He was later ordained a priest and is now serving in a parish in northern Italy, they said…
LASVEGASNOW is running a piece on John Lear.. It’s a good read.. among the information: The doctors prescribed him 120 oxycodone and methadone pills a month for his chronic pain symptoms. He remained on the medication for almost five years, until the doctors abruptly cut him off and forced him to detox alone. John was cut off his medications for a failed urine analysis test in 2016. It came just after the Center for Disease Control (CDC) updated their opiate prescription guidelines. The doctor told him that he tested positive for methamphetamines and could no longer prescribe him medication. John says, “I’ve never taken an illegal drug. I’ve been flying my entire life. you can’t take drugs and fly. I wouldn’t know how to get it, wouldn’t know how to take it and here it ends up 10,000 nanograms in my urine.” In his time with the CIA, John says, he was “subject to drug scans, scheduled or random, and never failed one.” He believes his urine analysis test provided a false positive. It is a problem that has frequently occurred with urine analysis tests like the one he took.
You may recall this most famous John Lear information from the old Art Bell program: The John Lear disclosure..
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