Halloween 40 reviews continue to trickle.. and they become more positive about the performances..

This is how Germain Lussier writes his review on the new HALLOWEEN:

The latest entry in the Halloween franchise is both a dazzling tribute to the original film as well as a unique, standalone story. It’s filled with deviations from the familiar slasher formula, but it also carefully incorporates an adoration of its predecessor that feels respectful but not overpowering. By balancing these two seemingly divergent concepts, director David Gordon Green has made a truly special horror sequel.

Set exactly 40 years after the John Carpenter original, this new Halloweenpretends none of the other sequels happened (sorry, Josh Hartnett). What did happen was, in 1978, a man named Michael Myers killed a bunch of kids, leaving behind a lone survivor named Laurie Strode. Strode was deeply traumatized by the experience and spent the next four decades preparing for what she believes is Michael’s inevitable return.

People who have seen the film or speculated on it say that Jamie Lee Curtis, without her Activia,  displays a gritty performance.. someone who has had a life ruined by the events now 40 years previous in this fiction world…

We are told that this film will include references to previous HALLOWEENS, a disposition of back stories since Michael’s 1978 escape,

Lussier concludes:

Halloween isn’t just a really great horror movie, it’s a great movie, period. It’s rough around the edges at times but wins you over with its passion, its originality, and its excitement. Ultimately, it makes you hope we don’t have to wait another 40 years to see the continuation of this version of Michael Myers’ story.

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