Another alleged UFO sighting near Charlotte has appeared on Facebook and in this case, it was posted by a husband and father who says he doesn’t necessarily believe in UFOs. Javion Hill, 35, of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, says he took several photos of the object during a storm on the night of Aug. 18, as he drove on U.S. 74 southwest of Charlotte.
They’ve been described as “sonic attacks” — bizarre, unexplained head injuries that spurred the United States to bring home diplomatic staff from China and Cuba. Now scientists are saying the ailments could have been caused by microwave weapons.
Gordon forms.. and will be a hurricane before landfall..
According to papers filed in Michigan’s Oakland County court, the singer was unwed at the time of her death and survived by her four sons — Clarence Franklin, Edward Franklin, Kecalf Franklin and Ted White Jr. — who are between the ages of 48 and 63. Clarence Franklin, the eldest, has special needs and is represented by a legal guardian. One of her nieces accepted the role of executor, according to the Associated Press.
For the second time in six months, the seven-member boy band has the No. 1 album in the United States, having followed up “Love Yourself: Tear” from May, the first K-pop album to ever lead the Billboard 200, with “Love Yourself: Answer,” another chart-topper.
A man stood and shouted angrily at Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Washington, as the prelate spoke Sunday at a church in the District.
A video of the incident at Annunciation Catholic Church indicated that the man shouted “Shame on You” as the Cardinal asked prayer and loyalty for Pope Francis, saying that he was the object of attacks. Critics have targeted Wuerl recently in connection with two issues roiling the church. They have claimed his record was mixed in dealing with sexually abusive priests when he was bishop of Pittsburgh.
Former WWE Star and current ROH Producer/Trainer, Adam Carlson Birch (aka Joey Mercury), was arrested Saturday morning in Schaumburg, Illinois. Birch was to work as a Producer for “All In,” but police were notified of him sleeping in his car outside a Marriott Hotel early Saturday morning, according to PWInsider.
So why was Nick Castle even on the set of HALLOWEEN in 1978> He reveals it! “My only reason for being on the set was to kind of demystify the directing experience for me, because [director] John [Carpenter] was a pal, they were shooting the majority of this near my house, really, and he said, ‘Well, why don’t you just be the guy walking around in the mask and you’ll be here the whole time?’” Castle shared with
THIS HALLOWEEN COSTUME!! Listed on Amazon as the “Disguise Men’s Toad Costume Accessory Mask – Adult,” this Toad mask, pictured above, is an affront to the senses. The way it transforms the model’s head into the entirety of Toad’s mushroom head, the majority of his face obscured by the bulbous, polka-dotted top section…
A tech expert from the UK claims he has spotted the doomed MH370 plane on Google Maps. Ian Wilson believes remains of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, which vanished carrying 239 people en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing , lie strewn deep in a jungle in Cambodia.
A man had a 23-inch dildo stuck up his backside for 24 hours before doctors were able to remove it. In fact, it was wedged so deep that they actually had to invent a brand new tool to be able to get it out. The 31-year-old patient, from Italy, took himself to hospital after he tried but was unsuccessful at removing the massive sex toy, visible in shocking x-ray images.
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