Weekend at Hermie’s

Herman Cain died of Covid-19 … while it is not known where the former Republican candidate for president acquired the infection, he famously attended the Donald Trump rally in Tulsa just days before being hospitalized. Eventually he succumbed to the virus..

Since then someone has been running his Twitter page, updating frequently. So much so that people are calling him a zombie..

And now this: In a Tweet that was posted Sunday (AND THEN QUICKLY DELETED) the dead Herman Cain said that Covid-19 is not deadly!

The dead former businessman and candidate posted a link to Western Journal, which many argue is a discredited blacklisted website. But the story did report on actual CDC updated numbers.

The CDC release recorded that in 6% of US coronavirus deaths, Covid-19 was the only factor.

Cain himself also had complications of cancer at the same time he perished in a hospital from complications of COVID..

Cain’s family now run’s the Twitter account…

As such, they also are actively deleting tweets that just feel creepy considering Cain’s demise just weeks ago.

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